Guni Guni

  • Running Time:1hr 45mins hr. 1hr 45mins min.
  • Release Date:August 22 2012
  • MPAA Rating:R-13
  • Distributors:Regal Entertainment, Inc.

Mylene (Poe) is certainly a nursing student who lives in a boardinghouse in Cubao. She is living alongside her best friend Joanna (Empress Shuck). Mylene is a person of numerous secrets, unknowingly to her friends is that she has a lost sibling and an emotionally broken mother. Unknowingly to them all, the boardinghouse that they are living in was once a burial to an unborn baby and one dark act will unleash all evil and take Mylene’s friends die, one by one, of mysterious deaths. Things will become even more unpredictable and Joanna, the resident psychic of the bunch will be determinedly find means of placing a stop to this chaos.